Holistic Horsemanship

Learn to exercise your horse mentally,
not just physically.

When the student is ready the teacher will appear, and when the teacher is ready the student will appear

Wayne Banney

"If we are willing to change the way we look at things, the things we look at will change".

Through his clinics, Wayne Banney can help you understand what your horse is thinking and why he behaves in certain ways. Once you understand the concepts, you can apply this knowledge to all activities with your horse, from trail riding to dressage - and everything in between.

There is no special equipment and no gimmicks, just a consistent approach, based on years of observation and experience.

Private lessons can be arranged AFTER attending any of the weekend clinics. The duration of the clinic provides many opportunities for the horses and students to go through the important fundamentals and this duration also exercises your horse both physically and mentally which will be key preparation for any further lessons.

For all your clinic requirements/private work enquiries and rope halter and lead supplies contact Wayne Banney on 0427006489, or wbanney@gmail.com.

Most people do not need a $20,000 horse, these days people need a $2,000 horse and $10,000 worth of good instruction, from an experienced open minded and skilled instructor willing to give all. A willingness to go outside their comfort zone, and a willingness to ride longer and further to make a connection with their horse.

Good experience comes from bad experiences.

Wayne Banney

- to enjoy and enhance your relationship with your horse
- to understand and communicate with your horse
- to get the very best from your horse through understanding and working with his natural instincts
- to encourage a safe and responsible attitude when handling horses


february - april 2019 Clinics


18th-21st February 2019
Sandfly, Tasmania
Ridden, problem solving, and ground work Clinic
Contact: Sue Clarke 0416 107 467

23rd-27th February 2019
Leith, Tasmania
Young horse and ridden clinic
Contact: Deanne Evans 0438 575 972

28th-2nd February 2019
Smithton, Tasmania
Problem solving and ridden clinic
Luke Grey 0419 563 819


16th & 17th March 2019
Warrnambool, VIC,
Ground work and Ridden Clinic
Contact: Karen 0438 611 827

29th, 30th, 31st March 2019
Apollo, VIC
Groundwork and Ridden Clinic Adults 2 day clinic & Juniors 1 day clinic
Jenny Laird 0448 106 070.


6th, 7th April 2019
Wistow, SA
2 day Horsemanship Clinic with Trail Obstacles
Contact Cheryl Kostich 0407 720 539


Byron Bay/Mullumbimbi area
Mariah Hearn: 0431 309 910

Wayne is also available for private work during this time.

Please note:

Not all private work and private clinics may be listed. If there isn’t a venue or date that suits you and you wish to host a clinic or book a date for a group in your area please contact Wayne via email here >>

Holistic Horsemanship