Holistic Horsemanship

A big ego hinders spiritual growth, people who need to win at all costs, and "have a look at me" attitude, have low or no spiritual energy


Wayne Banney

February 2014 - Two new locations for Wayne's Horsemanship Clinics

Wayne is set to run a 6 week program in the Kimberleys, helping indigenous Youth in March and April 2014. Following in May 2014, Wayne will run his first clinic in Jilliby, Central Coast NSW, date TBA.

July 2013

South Australia Clinic Dates have been announced for September and October 2013.
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July 2012

Back in Australia, a good trip to Denmark, worked a lot of Icelandic ponies and did some night clinics! Managed to get a bit of a look around and experience some Danish food...





Holistic Horsemanship