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Wayne Banney

As a token of our sincere appreciation to you Wayne Banney - a group of your friends, past and present students and fellow horsemen and women have put together our letters and testimonials to share our stories of you with a broader audience.

Jess Keenan, South Australia

The first clinic of Wayne's I ever attended was a pivotal event for me. The timing was very right, I was 14 years old and had a well bred mare that was on the brink of being dangerous to handle and ride. I was quickly losing my confidence and my love for horses due to a few significant negative experiences with this particular mare. I can honestly say, like many who have embarked on the journey of horsemanship, that the first clinic of Wayne's, absolutely changed my life. I took the mare along, I was so out of my comfort zone on every level. I had previously been involved with Pony Club and had had the more 'conventional' styles of riding lessons. That first morning, I was scared, I was embarrassed, I had lost any sense of trust in the mare and lacked a lot of self confidence. However, I knew it was a 'make or break' moment for me, so I listened intently. As Wayne began to introduce the philosophy he teaches, a light turned on inside of me. His words were resonating with me on a really deep level, on a subconscious level I realise now, as I reflect on this time. That first clinic allowed me the exposure to a style of training and communicating with 'the horse', that gave me a real direction to work toward learning, and re-ignited my passion for 'the horse'. I went on to attend every clinic I could afford, and went on the road with Wayne a couple of times to different places where he was doing clinics. A mere initial horse training/riding clinic, ultimately had put me on the way toward uncovering how horses are in my life to help me 'awaken' and to be a person full of confidence, respect and integrity. I am now 32 years old, and continue to use and study these philosophies, as I further my quest to keep learning. Wayne's gift lies not only in the results he can achieve in a partnership with the horse he trains, but in educating people how we really must evolve as a person, to better the relationships we have with our horses.

Nicci, Maddi's mother, victoria

People can do extraordinary things when they are shown how.....Maddi and Mia are half way through a Wayne Banney Clinic on Natural Horsemanship. What an amazing journey it has been today to watch Wayne do his thing with our anxious little pony. To show you just how far they came today - Maddi learned to ride Mia with a Halter and lead rope (no bridle) to the point that they were jumping logs (one was 60cms) by the end of the day. Mia was amazing and Maddi is absolutely exhausted. Cannot wait for tomorrow's clinic !!!

cheryl kostich, South Australia

I met Wayne Banney over 20 years ago at a clinic in SA. Wow, that clinic changed my whole approach to horses and my life. I came away from that clinic with so much useful practical information and the skills to be able to continue on with my horses when I got home.

I learnt how to have a better, more user-friendly relationship with my horse and to consider how my horse views the situation too. Your clinics have made the world of difference to me and my horses.

Thank you Wayne, you have patiently shared your knowledge and I look forward to continuing to learn from you.

Jane napier

Hi Wayne, 

Thank you very much, all working and appreciate your time.

Oscar is a wonderful young man, for which I often thank you for the time you gave him. 

All the best Wayne, you have done wonderfully well and make a great contribution to the benefit of horses and humans, I salute you.

Regards, Jane

sara westaway, nw qld

Dear Wayne,

We met when you were in some sort of need of computer lessons in about 2008 at the Beaudesert Rodeo before I was about to travel to Denmark. Our friendship has only grown ever since, including horse rides throughout the Beaudesert/Rathdowney regions, a Snowy Mountain horse trek in the Victorian Alps and numerous phone calls and emails as we've both travelled around rural Australia, me landing in Richmond, NW QLD, you still nomading!

I have wanted to build you a website for many years and now it is finally in fruition. It is your holisitic approach to horsemanship that has made the most sense to me and the work you are doing in all different areas, across all different people and animals is both admirable and very commendable.

I want to wish you all the very best!

Sara Westaway, Richmond, NW QLD



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